Bandidos Member Will Not Flee Thailand

The arrested 36 year old Dane, Kim Lindegaard Nielsen will definitely not flee from Thailand, if he should be released on bail, his interpreter and advisor Chris Gamble promised on Tuesday.
“We believe in the judicial system in Thailand. It may work slow at times, but both Kim and I believe in the system and in end the truth will come out,” Chris Gamble said in an interview with ScandAsia.
Kim Lindegaard Nielsen will be presented to the court again this coming Friday, where the police will request his contnued arrest while his defense will once more request his release against bail.
“Right now, the charge against Kim is organized conspiracy to commit extortion, filed by two individuals. There is no charge for any illegal assembly; it is all boiled into this one wording of “organized conspiracy”,” Chris Gamble adds.
“Kim is pleading not guilty of the charge and when he is eventually released on bail he will definitely remain in Thailand to prove that he is not guilty.”
Chris Gamble has in previous press reports incorrectly been named the defense lawyer of Kim Lindegaard Nielsen. In fact, the name of the defense lawyer is Prakorn Sintuphachee.
“Mr. Prakorn has been selected by Kim on my recommendation. I am not a lawyer myself. I am more like an interpreter or arbitrator,” Chris Gamble clarifies the relationship.

Meanwhile, DSI – the special Thai police force in charge of the case against Kim Lindegaard Nielsen says the expected additional charges against the 36 year old Dane will be filed by DSI and not by the Anti Money Laundering Office (AMLO).
“We have a special unit of police officers working specifically with investigating the complex pattern of the many companies involved in buying and selling land on Samui,” says Police Colonel Kolvit Bunnag to ScandAsia.
“It is in itself suspicious when suddenly a vast number of companies are registered – some of them even on the same address – in which the same names of shareholders or promoters appear in different constellations,” he says, without revealing more details as to what the investigation at this point seems to indicate.
If evidence of illegal activity is found, additional charges will be raised against the Dane and anyone else involved – Thai nationals as well as foreigners, he assures.

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