Danish Police to Investigate Bandidos Member

Danish police was on Monday surprised to learn of the wealth of Danish Bandidos member Kim Lindegaard Nielsen. Head of the Danish Police Intelligence Agency, Troels Ørting Jørgensen visited DSI in the morning and was briefed about his Thai assets as they were so far disclosed.
 “In Denmark he receives as far as I know social welfare and is not particularly wealthy,” a surprised Troels Ørting Jørgensen said.
 “If he has more assets than declared in Denmark, the tax authorities may raise a case against him for tax evasion and the police may look into the source of this hidden wealth,” he added.
 According to the DSI, his wife Linda has explained that about 200,000 baht was transferred every month from abroad as social security money from Denmark. This particular information caused a broad smile on the face of the visiting Danish policeman as it is way out of line with what a Dane could possibly receive in social welfare.
 Linda had also explained to the police, that a particularly large amount of money was profit from an apartment which Kim had sold in Denmark. Police in Denmark will now look into what apartment that could possibly be.
 DSI investigators say, Kim himself had explained the source of his wealth as coming from some cars, which he should have sold in Germany to clients who had paid him on British Virgin Island.
 The extravagant lifestyle which he displayed on Samui speaks of a substantial income. His house is estimated to have cost not less than five million to built. He had four huge motor cycles in the garrage, which are now on display as trophies in the lobby of theDSI police. He had just bought a brand new Range Rover at around eight million baht.
 At least two companies in Thailand is owned dominantly by Kim Lindegaard Nielsen. Both are named “Froen Corporation” with one of them being spelled slightly differently in Thai language. The name refers to his nickname, Froen, which is Danish for The Frog. One is established with a capital of 2 mill baht on 183/24 Moo 10, T. Nongprue, Banglamung, Pattaya, while another is established with a capital of 7 mill baht on 44/81 Moo 1, Maenam, Samui, and 162/20 Moo 2, BoPhut, Samui.Samui.
 Similarly, more than one hundred companies are believed to be established by the Thai lawfirm or lawfirms collaborating with the gang. With or without the knowledge of the lawfirms, these firms should have been used to white wash a huge amount of money from abroad.

Kim Lindegaard Nielsen was on Friday 28 July presented for the second time to the court. This represented the expiration of the two times six days, which the police is allowed to keep their suspect in their own custody.
 The defense had not submitted another request for release on bail and the court consequently ruled that he should be transferred to the general Lad Yao prison where he now awaits the prosecution to finalize the indictment against him and his fellow Bandidos member Crispin Paton-Smith for threatening two former business partners to hand over their share of ownership of their companies to them. This may take up to 84 days counted from the day of his arrest on the 18 July and this deadline expires on 10 October 2006.


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