Getting Ready to Offer Bail for James Christensen

With a pledge of a contribution of 30,000 Danish kroner from James Christensen’s mother and the receipt Friday of an interest free loan of 15,000 Danish kroner from Mikkel Hass, as well as around a 200.000 baht in a loan from Gregers Moller, the documents for requesting release of James Christensen is now being prepared.
All in all, 600.000 baht in cash will next week be handed over to the court in Langsuan in a realistic bid for the release of the Dane during his trial at the Appeals Court in Bangkok.
With the additional amount paid in and pledged on Friday 28 October, it will now be possible to avoid the expensive professional bail insurance, which would have cost a fee of around 140.000 to 160.000 baht.

The list below is not updated with payments since 16 October due to a busy schedule organizing the submission of the appeal document on Friday 28 October. The documents are now with the court in Langsuan and the case will in a few weeks be handed over to the Appeals Court in Bangkok. The payments below will soon be updated!

Name                                           Paid            Pledged       Total – date
237,008       122,000        359,008
Gregers Moller    30,000 16-Oct-06
Claus Feldborg   30,000 16-Oct-06
Roald Poulsen2,500
Georg Persson                                940                                12-Oct-06
Lasse Norgaard                                                3,000          12-Oct-06
Johnny Jensen                             1,000                               7-Oct-06
Bruno S. Jensen                           5,000                               5-Oct-06
Niels Boye & Lone Hvid                32,000                             3-Oct-06
Lars Lang                                                         1,000           26-Sep-06
Winie Kjaersgaard Bristorn                              5,000           19-Sep-06
Krister Rickardsson                                          1,000           18-Sep-06
Torben Sorensen                                             2,000           17-Sep-06
Inga-Britt Wikingskiöld                 7,000                               15-Sep-06
Anonymous (CL)                           31,947                             11-Sep-06
Bente F Burkal                              3,300                               11-Sep-06
Merete Hess                                 1,300                               11-Sep-06
Mikkel Hass                                  6,200                               9-Sep-06
Fam. Thode                                  620                                  8-Sep-06
Pernille W. Bortolin                       1,300                               8-Sep-06
Tine Andersen                              1,000                               7-Sep-06
Erik Terkildsen                              3,300                               7-Sep-06
Janni Kiaer Sorensen                   1,300                               7-Sep-06
Annette Eye                                 300                                  7-Sep-06
Carsten Vitoft                                                   5000            7-Sep-06
Benny Pedersen                           2,000                               6-Sep-06
Kell Dinesen                                 2,100                               31-Aug-06
Tommy Jnsson                              2,500                               31-Aug-06
Bo Fallgren                                   10,000                             31-Aug-06
Rene Dalsgaard Pedersen           1,000                               31-Aug-06
Else Johansen                              3,000                               30-Aug-06
John S Hansen                             1,000                               29-Aug-06
Per Lundsgaard                           3,000                               29-Aug-06
Henning Brahe Hager                   1,900                               28-Aug-06
Jørgen Englund                            5,000                               28-Aug-06
P-O Dofenfalck                             10,000                             28-Aug-06
Kent Sorensen                              2,600                              26-Aug-06
Bruno Haman                                                   5,000           25-Aug-06
Johnny Jørgensen                                            5,000           24-Aug-06
John Svengren                              5,000                              24-Aug-06
Hans Jorn Petersen                       3,100                              23-Aug-06
Thorkild S. Nielsen                         1,200                              23-Aug-06
Anonymous                                   2,000                              23-Aug-06
Unknown                                      3,000                               23-Aug-06
Claus Boman                                10,000                             23-Aug-06
Stig Wetterstrøm                         10,000                             23-Aug-06
Finn Balslev                                  3,000                               23-Aug-06
Søren Olsen                                 5,000                               23-Aug-06
Mai Ellegaard/Suppanai               5,000                               22-Aug-06
Tor Oskar Jorgensen                    10,000                             22-Aug-06
Unknown                                      500                                  22-Aug-06
Lars Andersen                              1,001                               22-Aug-06
Maria Lofvenholm                         2,000                               21-Aug-06
Deepseadivers                             5,000                               19-Aug-06
Bjarne Wildau                              2,000                               19-Aug-06                                               5,000           18-Aug-06
Claus Feldborg                             20,000                             18-Aug-06
Weber Family                                                   15,000         18-Aug-06
Gregers Moller                              20,000                             18-Aug-06
Thomas Raldorf                                                10,000         18-Aug-06
Alex Petersen                                                   5,000           18-Aug-06


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