Vietnam’s Press Growth with Help from Sweden

The Vietnamese press has developed greatly in the last 10 years, thanks partly to a Swedish aid project, said a Vietnamese Deputy Minister of Culture and Information, Do Quy Doan, in a conference on September 7-8 in Kalmar city of Sweden.
The conference was about Swedish assistance to Vietnam in press training and development.
“Around 1,500 journalists or 10 percent of the total number of journalists in Vietnam had been trained under the Developing Vietnamese Press Project of the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA),” said Do Quy Doan.
All journalists had been trained in press management, editing, press photography, layout.
Hoang Huu Luong, Head of the Ministry’s Press Department, said: “Nearly 620 press agencies in Vietnam published over 800 kinds of journals and 50 electronic newspapers.”
“They had helped democratize social life, prevent corruption, and develop the country.” Luong ended.

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