Danes Warned of Floods in Thailand

Powerful rain showers have hit Thailand’s northern, northeastern, and central regions, causing extensive flooding – especially in the country’s central provinces. More than 80 people have been reported dead, and more than three million people are affected by the catastrophe, the Danish Foreign Ministry announces.
     The ministry expects that the water level in the Chao Phya River will reach its peak around October 23-25. Until then, the lower plains along the river, which runs from the Nakhon Sawan province in central Thailand and through the capitol of Bangkok, will be struck by flooding.

Danish citizens residing in or visiting Bangkok are still advised to avoid any demonstrations in light of the recent military coup, which took place on September 19. Although the situation in most parts of the country is normal, the entire nation is still officially under a declared state of emergency.
     Certain parts of Southeast Asia are still subject to a high terror threat. According the Danish Foreign Ministry, tourist- and vacation centers could be among possible targets and the Thai authorities have – also in light of the recent violent unrest in Southern Thailand – imposed generally tightened security measures. The Danish Foreign Ministry advises Danish companies to cooperate with the local authorities in updating their security precautions. Special attention and carefulness should be shown near international schools.
     As has been the case for the last years, the Danish Foreign Ministry advises against all unnecessary trips to or through the southern provinces of Songkhla, Narathiwat, Yala, and Pattani.

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