Vikings Suffer Woodstock Defeat

Last season they were called Dubliners, now they have changed name to Woodstock. No matter the name, the soccer team proved to play very well, when they clashed against Scandinavian Vikings on the pitch at Patana International School in Bangkok on Saturday the 21st of October.
“Woodstock/Dubliners is of the best teams in the Casual League. They won the league three years in a row, but that all ended last season, when they were runner-up. All thanks to the Vikings. In one of the last games of the season, we beat them and the Vikings were one of the teams they had to beat to win the championship,” head coach Keld Bak laughs.
The defeat to the Vikings meant that Dubliners ended up just one point short of winning the championship and this Saturday it was time for revenge. But the Vikings were ready to do their utmost to once again spoil the championship dreams of Woodstock.
Hpwever it soon proved to be an uphill struggle. Few minutes into the first half Woodstock scored their first goal and made it 2-0 just before half time, but that did not break the fighting spirit of the Vikings.Getting back on the pitch to play the second half the Vikings were determined to change the outcome of the game.
But odds of doing that went down shortly into the second half as captain Anders “Fisker” Schmidt was sent off after a controversy with the referee.Five minutes later the Vikings got new hope. A free kick was given to the Vikings outside the Woodstock penalty box. 
Head coach Keld Bak took the free kick and shot directly at goal causing the Woodstock keeper so much trouble that he could not hold the ball, which went back amongst the players. Johan “Mofok” Muhlman was first on the ball and had no problem making it 2-1, which really put the pressure back on Woodstock.“The Woodstock players got nervous and started shouting at each other as we went for the equalizer, but unfortunately our effort was not rewarded. In stead Woodstock made it 3-1 fifteen minutes later and that was the end for us, as we were now only ten players and two goals down,” Keld Bak explains.
Next Vikings game will be in Pattaya against Pattaya City on Saturday the 28th of October.

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