Danida Opts for Safe Fabric

Without ventilation in Vietnams sweltering heat, the workers in Thygesen Fabric Vietnam drudge sacks of raw material – weighing up to 50 kilos – up slippery staircases several times each day. Producing knitted fabric for their European customers, Thygesen Fabric Vietnam will now receive support from Denmark’s governmental aid organization, Danida.
     Danida’s Business-to-Business Program is aspiring to improve these poor working conditions, bringing them up to Danish and EU standards. This should be good news indeed for the approximately 50 employees working for Thygesen Fabric Vietnam, a company established in 2004 as a joint project by S-Thygesen A/S group and Toan Thang Trading & Industry Co. Ltd.
     Danida is supporting this cooperative partnership between the two companies with a donation of 900,000 DKK (approximately 151,000 USD), which will provide ventilation, low humidity, anti-slip flooring, a filter system to minimize fiber dust as well as lifts and sack trucks to ease the physical burden for the Vietnamese workers.
     After technical training and assistance, Thygesen Fabric Vietnam expects to increase their productivity, thus providing more semi-final material to many garment companies within the EU.

To read more about Danida’s activities in Vietnam, go to the official website of the Danish Embassy in Hanoi: www.ambhanoi.um.dk

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