Thai Golfers Win Local Derby

Leaving Thailand after having played the Scandinavian Society Golf’s Asian Regional Tournament on Saturday the 4th of November, the mixed team representing Malaysia and Singapore did not have to worry about whether there was enough room for the trophies in their bags.
The trophy stayed in Thailand after the Thailand team won the match play with nine wins and eight losses at the President Golf Club in Bangkok. A result much to the liking of Scandinavian Society Siam’s golf captain, Klaus Støve.
“It is always important to win. Especially when playing against other Scandinavians and it certainly only makes it better, when we win a local derby like this. It is great fun to win over someone you know and we will do our utmost to make sure that the players from Malaysia and Singapore does not forget who won this year’s tournament. Just like we did last year,” the golf captain laughs.
When trying to win a prestigious tournament like the Asian Regional tournament every trick in the book is allowed.
“We had arranged for a bus to pick up our guests up at the Rembrandt Hotel in downtown Bangkok. It was a bus suited for 25 persons which ought to be big enough for the group. However, we had not thought about them having to bring golf bags along with them. That meant that we had to arrange for a slightly bigger bus to come and pick them up and drive them to the President Golf Club. The players from Malaysia and Singapore thought we had made a mistake, but it was all well planned for us to get a mental advantage by having them wait at the hotel,” Klaus Støve says tongue-in-cheek.
This year’s tournament was the tenth of its kind, but according to Klaus Støve it is not all about the game of golf. Socializing and networking with people you do not see that often is just as important.After having finished their rounds on the golf course the players met for a drink in the club house. After that it was time for a shower and a change of clothes.
At 7 pm a Scandinavian lunch was ready for the players and spouses at the Admiral Restaurant on Sukhumvit Road in Bangkok.
“We had a great evening with wonderful food, cold drinks and lots of nice people. A really good opportunity to meet old friends or make new ones. And thanks to our sponsors a lot of people won a prize in our lucky draw and of course there were prizes for both the winners of the individual tournament as well as the winning team,” Klaus Støve explains.
A word of warning from Klaus Støve:
“I am certain that the players from the Malaysian/Singaporean team will say that the lost on purpose as they could not be bothered taking home the less than beautiful trophy, but do not believe them,” the golf captain giggles.

Winners of the individual tournament:
Group A (players with a handicap of 18.4 or less):

1: Mats Holm, Thailand
2: Kobe Støve, Thailand
3: Hakon Lenjesson, Thailand

Group B (handicap of 18.5 up)

1: Hakon Olsson, Singapore
2: Britt Widen-Huggare, Malaysia
3: Mattias Wallin, Thailand

As winners of the tournament, the Thailand team will host the 2007 Asian Regional Tournament.
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