Saving People From Fire

Norwegian citizen who live in Thailand has seen their famous business players like the giant Telenor or the famous Jotun performing an excellent potentiality in making such good revenue in the country. But when it comes to a smaller one, it may be unclear to see how Norwegian’s technology influences and develops in Thailand market.
Mr. Ramesh Tiwari is one of those small business units but a spicy one. His Glofab company limited has been importing Dale’s fire retardant fabric to make his own brand ‘Glofab anti-flam made with Dale fabric’. And it must be stressed that Glofab is the first company that producing the flame retardant suit to the market by purpose to reduce the imported amount from outside the country.
“By that time in 1999, there is apparently no factory in Thailand that made the fire retardant suit. I saw a market cap and told my employer to produce it by ourselves. But my boss didn’t take it. He didn’t see that it was a good opportunity,” remembers Ramesh.
Undauntedly by his boss’ inertness, a year later Ramesh who is confident with the marketing demand started his own company to challenge his vision. Then the Glofab company limited established with a few clothing machines. Thus Dale’s fabric has become a first choice to Ramesh.
“Dating back in 2000, I talked to Mr. Bruno Giusti, Dale’s marketing manager. I asked him to send Dale’s fabric to my company in Thailand. The thing is, by that time I was in Miami, Florida, and unable to transfer the money. I was impressed with his sincerity to send the raw material right away as requested. Judging from my experience to the Norwegian, they are straightforward, they are not a liar and not betrayal.”  
Apart from their personality, the Norway’s technology is of course the main reason to assure Ramesh in selecting Dale’s fabric.
“Our customers believe in Dale’ standard because company acquires an international standard EN 469 and EN 531 to assure the customer confidence to use our products. Moreover, Dale’s concept is to satisfying those who wear its fabric by producing a comfortable fabric. The most important issue of flame retardant fabric is to slow the fire exposure which we believe that Dale can answer to this question,” confident Ramesh.
Within just five years of establishing, the company has 30 clothing machines. And the turnover is around 20-30 million Baht per year.
“Since the establishing, the revenue is keeping on rising,” grinds Ramesh.
“For Thailand, I can say that Glofab is the leading anti-flame suit provider. Our customers vary from the government divisions to various sorts of business units. The fire fighter police and the Oil&Gas industrial worker are the same because they were protected by Glofab’s suit”
To see the big picture, the company didn’t limit itself to the local market.
“We also exports to neighbor countries and to the Middle East market. In our plan, we aim to break into the Asian market and penetrating to the European market as well.”
In doing so to follow his plan, Ramesh said that employee is the key to success. Ramesh marked that his staffs are well paid and well trained.
“Glofab is the five year-old company without any resignation.”
“We used to produce and deliver 100 suits to customer within just 3 days. This situation shows our staffs’ commitment to the company,” says one of employee.
If Dale proud to call themselves ‘supporting everyday heroes’, it can be said that Glofab is one of those who saving people form fire.

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