Steaks at the Stone Oven Restaurant in Pattaya

Take a walk down the Red Light Districts in Soi 6 in Pattaya. Pass by all the bargirls and just before you reach the waterfront and First Beach Road – you make a left turn and you will see the newly opened “Stone Oven Restaurant”.
A bit fancy, French and Italian inspired, half open dining place for the new generation of upper middleclass expatriates in Pattaya.
What you cannot know, is that this restaurant has been opened in record time by the well-known Danish fashion designer and salesman Peter Miller and his wife Lykke.
The couple has for years designed, produced and delivered fashion clothes for children to the well known exclusive warehouses Magasin and Salling in Denmark as well as to 500 shops all around Denmark, and seven European countries.
The clothes have so far been produced in India, but now – according to a shift in fashion – the clothes are better produced in Thailand.
So to do business in Thailand was obvious for Peter Miller and his wife. But how does the busy couple find time for running a restaurant and why in Soi 6 in Pattaya?
The answers are simple.
“I love to make food”, says Peter Miller, 45, as he continues: “My dream is in the end to convert my passion into a full time job.”
Until now the Millers have had residence in New Delhi as well. They already run two restaurants in the Indian metropolis.
“It is also Italian style, because Indians don’t know Denmark,” Peter explains.
For 20 years, Peter has been on the road while his wife, Lykke is the designer. Peter has had to keep an eye on production, delivering as well as paying visits to customers.
After the Millers moved a large part of their production to Thailand, Peter began to look for a place. A place where the Millers not only could live, but also a place where they could open a restaurant, so Peter could fulfil his wishes to be in the kitchen.
They found that place in Soi 6. And if you are invited inside the private part of the establishment, then you will see the most magnificent panorama view from the big living room over the Sea. As if you were on the beach.
“For the first time in the last 20 years I have been at the same place for more than sixth month,” an almost happy Peter declares. “Today I take a swim every morning at 6 o’clock. This is simply the place.”
Back in the restaurant a proud Peter tells about how and where to get the best fresh food supplies for cooking and about his working together with a French Delicatessen Company, which delivers wine and chocolate.
“We do have to import many things like cheese and some vegetables. But still it is possible to get a lot of the products here,” Peter explains.
Half a year ago The Stone Oven was a Go-Go Bar. Today the dancers are gone, and Foie Gras is in, there are Pizzas in the stone oven and tender beef from low fat imported tenderloin and of course Danish style Hot Dog with, pickles, fried onions, mustard and ketchup.
A Ferrari on the parking spot is not unusually. Others prefer to take the walk down Soi 6.
The dress code is casual fine dining and the price range between middle and top.
Peter himself is if any casual.
“Stress is when you are not satisfied with what you get,” he says. “The quiet life I am looking for is like this: The everyday, small things – the same people around you day after day. The same work, the same dishes to be done again and again.”

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