Ambitious Danish MBA program touring SEA

Copenhagen Business School has established a new full-time MBA program, which promises to have a leadership impact on the future far beyond little Denmark. The aim is to be the top-ranked MBA program in Scandinavia by 2004, and break into the top 10 in Europe by 2010.      To promote and hand-pick the first 65 students to start on the first one-year program in September 2003, Program Director Mike Hall in the autumn of 2002 initiated an intensive travel schedule for him and other leading personnel of the new program to visit 35 cities in 29 countries around the globe. In South East Asia, the presentation will take place in Manila on 20 January, in Bangkok on 22 January, in Singapore on 25 January. A meeting is further planned in Kuala Lumpur, but no date yet fixed.      The ambition is to put together a uniquely interesting and dynamic group of young career professionals and groom them for top positions in international companies world wide.      “We are going to compose an incredible and exciting group of people,” says Dr. Professor Per Jenster, Associate Dean of the CBS MBA Program.      Diversity in cultural and professional background will be the key, combined with an intensive learning experience to gain a “new cutting-edge master competence of coping with interpersonal skills among different cultures,” Mike Hall adds.      The typical candidate will be an internationally oriented early career professional with a varied academic background, two to three years of relevant work experience, about five years of what educators call leadership relevant experience, in addition to requisite GMAT scores.      The program will include a Leadership Mentoring Scheme, which will match students with “real life” CEOs and other executives from throughout the ุresund Region. This mentoring program will provide students with a coach/role model/advocate. Organizations such as Siemens and Novo Nordic have already agreed to provide such mentors.      “If one day if you are going to be a CEO, why not learn from one?” Mike Hall asks.

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