Defeat After Poor Vikings Effort

On Saturday the 25th of November the Scandinavian Vikings soccer team played against the team from the Spickled Liver Pub.
“The Spickled Liver is a rather bad team and certainly one of the teams we should be able to beat,” Vikings’ head coach, Keld Bak, says.
However on the day the Spickled Liver proved to be better than the Vikings and won the game 2-1.
“We played a terrible game. It really showed that a lot of our regular players could not play this game. There will always be some who cannot play in a weekend, but this time it was different. A lot of our regular players are playing a tournament in Phuket so we were really short of regular players for this game,” Keld Bak explains.
At half time the score was 0-0, but five minutes into the second half the Spickled Liver got one up. 15 minutes before the final whistle Vikings got their equalizer. After a Viking corner kick Jesper Hallas got to the ball and sent it into the back of the net. Five minutes before the end of the game Spickled Liver made it 2-1.
 “The game could have been won by either team. We had the most goal chances, but we simply were not efficient enough, but this really was a game that we should have won,” Keld Bak explains.
Neil Outram was voted man of the match.
In spite of not being happy about the result, Keld Bak can think of at least one good thing about playing against a pub team.
“After the game both team went to the Spickled Liver pub in soi 11 to enjoy a couple of beers and the buffet. We all had a nice evening, but it would have been even nicer had we won. Now we had to listen to the Spickled Liver players brag about their victory all night,” Keld Bak says.
With the victory the Spickled Liver has 10 points and passes Vikings in the table in the Casual League. On Saturday the 2nd of December Vikings has to play a lot better if they want to get some points.
The opponent is French team Les Galouis. The French has 13 points, six more than the Vikings, and two games in hand.
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