Vikings Beats French Favourites

Odds certainly were against the Scandinavian Vikings soccer players before the game against French rivals Les Gaulois on Saturday the 2nd of December. A miserable start of the season had left the Vikings with a mere seven points after nine games, whereas the French had earned 13 points in only seven games.
After the first half it looked like it would be yet another Vikings defeat. At half time the Vikings were 1-0 down. Two Vikings players went for the ball, but neither got it. In stead David Serene, fourth on the top scorer’s list in the league, got hold of the ball and put the French in the lead.
“The French definitely are a good team, but the game had been pretty tight until then, so we kept our spirits up,” Viking player Johan “Mofok” Muhlman explains.
And keeping the spirits up paid off. Twenty minutes into the second half the Vikings got the equalizer they had been fighting so hard for. Reine Rahula made the score 1-1 assisted by Johan Muhlman.
A draw against a team with almost twice as many points for two games less did not sound as too bad a deal, but the Vikings wanted more and fought on.
One of the new Vikings players, Thai Udon, once again showed his skills and scored for the third time in his four Vikings games making the score 2-1 with only seven minutes to go.
But seven minutes is a lot of time when you are just one goal up.
“We had a bit of luck on our side in the last minutes. The French really pushed to get the equalizer and one point. Just before the final whistle they even had a shot at the cross-bar. They had other chances as well, but our new goal keeper William played a brilliant game and had a lot of spectacular saves and for his effort his was voted man of the match,” the Swede explains.
Johan “Mofok” Muhlman has an explanation as to what the difference was from the previous games this season to the game against the French.
“This time we did not make a lot of personal faults which we have done in a number of games. We won because the team effort was fantastic and I think we deserved to win this game,” he explains.
The next Viking game will be on Saturday December 9 against Sukhumvit Pub team Winking Frog and Johan “Mofok” Muhlman is optimistic.
“We need to bring spirit from the game against the French into the game against the Winking Frog and we should have a good chance of getting three more points,” he adds.
And the spirit is needed. Winking Frog is fifth in the Casual League with 16 points for 8 games.

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