Danish Trade Councils Assist Vietnamese Businesses

Trade councils from Denmark; Skive Industrial Development Centre and Viborg Business Development Centre, will assist HCMC Mechanical and Electrical Association (HMEA), which is a local business organization within mechanical and electrical industry in Ho Chi Minh City.
The cooperation is aimed to establish and strengthen closer business relations to the organization. Moreover the development, internationalization and growth of the Vietnamese companies can turn out beneficial to Danish companies as well.
The support, from the two Jutlandic trade councils with 5,000 DKK each, will be injected into the service of HMEA members and its international activities due to its lacks of resources and a need of establishing and creation of a company catalogue and a homepage to serve and promote the member companies.
At present, the HMEA consists of 55 small and medium sized companies that want to expand to international markets by their joint efforts.
Skive Industrial Development Centre and Viborg Business Development Centre in cooperation with the Danish Embassy in Hanoi established a contact to HMEA in connection with an export promotion to Ho Chi Minh City in October 2006.

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