Norwegian DNV Navigator Won Prize in Singapore

DNV Navigator, an initiative of DNV Company headquartered in Oslo, has won a Minister Innovation Award from the Singapore Ministry of Transport.
The latest DNV project with Maritime Port Authority (MPA) in Singapore is to reduce paper work onboard the ship and promote safety. It allows ship crew to submit crew change information via XML files electronically to MPA using DNV Navigator, for Singapore flag ships. This will save valuable resources onboard that could have been spent on paper reporting, manual verification of written reports and possible correction/re-submissions.
DNV Navigator will allow minimum data entry by crew by capitalizing the system database onboard and automatically perform verification of entered data before submission to MPA.
The project was proposed by DNV in February 2006 and completed in June 2006. Project partners comprised of MPA, DNV Maritime, DNV Singapore, and TORM Singapore.
The solution has since been distributed to all DNV Navigator customers of 830 ships from 56 companies globally.

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