Danish Metal and Mechanics Companies Visit Vietnam

A delegation of SMEs from Denmark’s metal and machine industry visited Vietnam from November 27th  – December 3rd, in the area of Hai Phong in Northern Vietnam and Ba Ria – Vung Tau in the South, to explore the sourcing and cooperation opportunities. As for the result many new business contacts were made during the visits.
The programme took the delegation to visit Vietnamese and Danish companies, including two key players in Hanoi: Vietnam Steel Corporation (VSC) and Lilama Corporation, which are state-owned steel & metal enterprises with many projects and companies associated.
The highlight for Danish participants was the visit to Aalborg Industries’ new production facility in Hai Phong where marine boilers are produced for the shipping industry; its fully modern quality is a solid proof of how Danish companies can contribute to the upgrading of Vietnamese.
On Thursday 30 November, Danish companies had the opportunity to meet potential local partners at a seminar in Ho Chi Minh City, during individual business-to-business meetings.
As for the finale, the delegation visited a number of the foreign key players in the Vietnamese steel industry located in developed industrial zones in Vung Tau and Phu My which have large production capacities at their disposal.
The promotion trip to Vietnam organized by the Association of Metal Working Enterprises and Engineering Industries are in cooperation with the Embassy in Hanoi.





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