Danish Aid to Hanoi

Denmark, in corporation with Hanoi Business Association launch a new project to assist Vietnamese enterprises to make full use of the emerging market opportunities appointed by Vietnam’s WTO accession which to cope with new regional and global trade regimes.
Vietnam, now the 150th full member of WTO, as well as a new developed regional and bilateral trade agreement, provide challenges and opportunities as well as risks for its private sector enterprises.
The main purpose in this project is to create an information system which will be established and developed as a Trade and Business Information Centre (T-BIC) hosted by Hanoi Business Association (HBA), as a new center for services to members and the business community including e.g. a call and resource centre, a website, experts, training, workshop events supported through outreach and cooperation regionally and with Denmark.
T-BIC project will start out this December and run throughout a period of two years with the budget around 2.2 million DKK, to help Vietnamese companies requiring additional information on WTO, markets and export to gain the full benefits of Vietnam’s ongoing internationalization and integration in the global economy.

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