A Norwegian Selected Most Successful Businessman

A Norwegian CEO of DiGi Telecommunication, Morten Lundal, was named as the winner of Malaysia’s CEO of the year award of 2006. The star newspaper has interviewed him along with Datuk Leong Hoy Kum (Group Chief Executive) and Hiroshi Nakamura (Managing Director) of DiGi on December 27 2006.
For the success of DiGi Telecommunication in Malaysia this year, Morten Lundal claims that success does not come overnight but it’s the result of continuous search for improvement in both small and bigger matters.
Morten Lundal joined DiGi in 2004 and has re-introduced the brand values to the Malaysia market place by focus the energies on the market place, the customers and the competition. He also launched new concepts that enabling companies to embrace mobility and Malaysians to communicate over distance without being concerned about costs and offer the customers to take a step forward in using mobile communication.”
While the Malaysian mobile communications industry is getting to be even more dynamic and responsive that it already is. DiGi won government recognition for its Amazing Malaysians, which is a corporate social responsibility programme that seeks to educate schoolchildren and the young generation of all races in the rural area.
“Right now, I am happy to see what we have a strong organization, with a dynamic pool of talents who is able to move and innovate quickly to meet new challenges,” Morten remarks “ that is probably our main strength but also our source of happiness, I believe happy employees create happy customers” He begins to tell.
“DiGi is all about having a place that people want to come and work in, an environment where employees are able to engage each other in a creative and fun manner,” he says “I look forward to going to work in the morning in DiGi and I think most of my colleagues are.”
“People misunderstands that DiGi is a foreign Company,” Morten says“ It’s true DiGi has a Norwegian majority shareholder, but DiGi as a company is certainly Malaysian, with all its revenues and activities, history and future, focused just right here,” Morten explains to the newspaper “ Malaysia always come first in our activities whether they are business in nature or even community.”

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