Scania’s Best Trucker Search in Malaysia

The competition encompasses both theoretical and practical tests in line with the European Union directive on compulsory driver training. The purpose of this new directive is to introduce professional training that focuses on safe driving and raise the safety standard of drivers, which will have a positive impact not only on society in general but also on the transport sector.
“The driver is absolutely the most important factor in heavy vehicle transport services. Vehicles and infrastructure are obviously of major significant, but road safety is primarily a matter of human behavior,” says Cecilia Edstrom, Scania’s senior vice-president of corporate communications.
“By means of those competitions, we want to help raise the status of professional drivers and emphasize their great importance to both road safety and the profitability of transport companies. We want to help attract more young and capable drivers into the transport business,” continues Cecilia Edstrom.
The competitions, which are being carried out for the third time, will begin early in 2007 with qualifying rounds at various Scania dealership and test tracks around the world.
The company also organizes seminars with road safety theme in partnership with the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2007.

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