Innovation improves service at Santa Fe

Santa Fe, EAC’s Moving & Relocation Services, has developed a web-based Tenancy Management System which give their customers easy access to information about the properties they lease to house their expatiate staff.
     The new system enables both Santa Fe and its corporate customers – via any computer connected to the Internet – to access customer-specific data such as the total portfolio of properties at its disposal, reports of rent expenses, maintenance and consumption costs, and reminders of critical dates such as lease renewal, etc.
     “The system is designed to reduce as far as possible the administrative work associated with managing and running the properties and leases that our key customers offer their staff on international postings,” says Mr. Bryce Burns, Group Corporate Services Manager of Santa Fe in Hong Kong.
     “At the beginning of a new lease we update the system, log information about the general state of the lease, and have the option of including digital photographs in support of our description. There is also a list of inventory, utility information, and contact information for handymen and other maintenance services,” explains Bryce Burns, who regards the system as a fine example of the way his business continues to focus on innovation.
     The system was introduced in Oct. 2002, and reports so far indicate that customers appreciate the service.
     Santa Fe management places great emphasis on the importance of always trying to anticipate customers’ needs – and indeed markets the company as a service provider of international quality.
     “To prove this claim, Santa Fe has passed the FAIM (FIDI Accredited International Mover) programme – ISO-stamped in five countries. And more are in the pipeline,” Bryce Burns explains.
     Independently audited by Ernst & Young, FAIM is the moving industry’s only quality assurance standard. The designation means that certified companies comply with international quality standards for the industry. At Santa Fe the designation applies to operations in Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand – and Japan is expected to gain FAIM recognition by the end of the year.


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