Danish Artist Exhibits ‘Zen-erQi’ in Bangkok

Danish artist Marianne Hvass Kure will present exhibition titled ‘Zen-erQi’ during the month of love at Hof Art Gallery in Bangkok. The opening of the exhibition will be on Friday 2 February at 18.30 hrs.
Marianne Hvass Kure, currently living and working in Thailand, expresses her artistic talent through ‘Zen-erQi’ exhibition which features oil and mixed-media on canvas, pieces made during the last year. Her work is merged between Eastern and Western perceptions of Art and Life.
‘Zen-erQi’ reflects on the changes happening to Marianne’s artistic expression while living in Asia. The artist is influenced by studies of eastern techniques, both the modern method of “Ink-and-wash”, traditional Chinese brush painting and calligraphy. This serves as foundation for experimenting with western abstract technique, using the blue and metal colors of her Scandinavian background, in combination with the simplicity of Eastern artwork.
Hof Art Gallery is situated near MRT Ratchadapisek, for more information click to the website http://www.hof-art.net/.
For those who are interested in her works and exhibitions, you can go to http://www.hvasskure.dk/.

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