Submarine Headed for Thailand Sinks near Denmark

Surely a submarine is designed for staying underwater, but it was certainly not a part of the plan when a Cold War-era Soviet submarine went to bottom of the ocean off the coast of Jutland, Denmark.
The submarine was being towed by a tug boat headed for Thailand when the submarine started taking on water, Associated Press reports.
The Soviet submarine, which was built in 1957, was meant to be one of the attractions at the Jesada Technik Museum in Nakhon Pathom Province west of Bangkok.
When the submarine started taking on water about 35 miles of the coast of Jutland in an area know as Jyske Reef, the crew of the tug boat was forced to cut the submarine loose for the crews´ own safety, spokesman of the Danish Navy, Klaus Randrup Rasmussen explains. Despite lying on the ocean floor the submarine is no risk to the environment as the submarine did not carry any fuel, weapons or other hazardous material, the spokesman says.
The submarine named u-194 was in service from 1957 to 1991, carried a crew of 56 and had a range of approximately 17,500 miles. The Soviet Union built more than 200 Whiskey-class submarines during the cold war. Today a lot of them are being offered for sale by private companies. 

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