Swedish Tourist Squeezed by Phuket Jet Ski Operator

A Swedish tourist has complained with the Embassy of Sweden since he was overcharged for damages in just-a-small jet ski accident for almost 100,000 baht by the local Jet Ski operator at the famous beach Patong of Phuket two months ago.
Patong Jet Ski Club takes action after the incident and shapes up the group for the customer benefits by attaching a price tag of jet ski’s spare parts from the builder company Yamaha, in order to help tourists not to be victims on the overcharged damages in an accident by the local jet ski operators.
So far jet skis have caused lot of trouble to the tourists. Phuket Provincial Governor’s Office has planned to submit a petition to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment for a promulgation of the province to be free from jet skis, as in it’s neighboring province Pang nga, after the year 2011.

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