Vietnam Appreciates Swedish Help and Hopes for Further Ties

Nguyen Van Yeu, the National Assembly’s Deputy Chairman of Vietnam, on February 5 marked his appreciation towards Sweden’s cooperation in nation development of Vietnam during an official visit of the Swedish Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee.
“I highly appreciated Sweden’s efforts in helping Vietnam’s nation-building and development efforts as well as for its support during Vietnam’s fight for independence,” said Nguyen Van Yeu as quoted in VietnamNet news.
He also added that Vietnam wishes to strengthen cooperation and develop closer ties with Sweden.
The delegation, led by chairman of the Swedish United Nations Association Alexander Gabelick, praised Vietnam’s achievements in economic development and fighting poverty and added a willingness to study the nation’s developmental strategy during the coming years.
During the visit of the Swedish representatives, the two parties discussed about the effectiveness of Sweden’s support to health care, communication, legal support, environmental protection and fighting poverty in Vietnam as well as a progress in implementing Vietnam’s millennium development targets.

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