Vietnam’s First Internet via satellite in corporation with Norway

Norwegian communications, IT, and media company Telenor and its partner Immarsat have tied up with the Vietnam Maritime Communications and Electronics Company (Vishipel) to bring the country’s first BGAN service.
Weighing just one kilogram and not much bigger than a laptop, the satellite terminal slips neatly into a carry bag. Connecting their laptop with the terminal, users will be able to receive a broadband connection of up to 512kps.
At a press briefing in Ha Noi, Rodolfo Ramizer, Regional Manager for Telenor, said that his company’s partner Immarsat have launched two commercial communication satellites with third planned for the end of this year.
He also added that there are currently about 2,000 satellite terminals around the world. Based on the rapid growth rate of tele-communication in Asia, Telenor believed that they can sell more than 1,000 terminals in this region.
Vietnam is one of the ten key markets of Telenor in Asia. 100 satellite terminals are expected to be sold this year. The company intends to provide other hi-tech services such as satellite mobile phones to Vietnam in the near future.

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