Here. There. From Finland to Indonesia

Finnish native artist Sandra Nyberg showcases her paintings in an exhibition titled “Here. There.” at the Cemara 6 Gallery in Jakarta from March 20-30. The exhibition displays a mix of artworks from her last five years in Australia and Finland.
The title refers to a couple of things, the obvious being a purely geographical one (Sandra lives and works in Finland and Australia, the exhibition is shown in both Australia and Indonesia). More importantly, though, it refers to each and every ones personal sense of ‘here – there’.
‘here’, quite naturally, being the reality in which we live our everyday life. But parallel to this, there is a whole world full of other realities, that we might know about or have contact with to a certain level, but that the end of the day gets put aside as ‘the other’ or things that are happening over ‘there’.
Sandra is fascinated by these ‘parallel worlds’, each one with their own issues, values, culture etc., existing so close to one another. For her it is not so much these differences, but the similarities and the occasional understanding that she finds interesting and beautiful.
The artist works with universal themes like youth, innocence, vulnerability… trying to bring out the beauty and monumentality in the small, the simple and the everyday.
She strips the works down to the basics, leave out anything unnecessary to keep them open for everyone to bring in their own experiences and feelings and make it their own. A mood is set for there to be an uncertainty about what’s really going on in the painting, and if what we see is happening ‘here’ or ‘there’

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