Rolls-Royce Massage

There are tuk-tuks all over Bangkok, because it’s a Thai tradition. But Anders’ ride is parked in the eastern end of Silom Road in walking distance from the Oriental Hotel from where he has fetched the best manager in Bangkok. Here at Nicolie, customers are guided into a land of Asian antiques, rich furniture and the classic linen covered massage mattresses.

The guide
“It’s a different experience than you get anywhere else in Bangkok”, Anders says proudly. He is not only speaking of the unique interior, but also the services provided at Nicolie. Obviously, there is no hanky-panky in the back seat of this ride.
   A young girl is my tour guide today. A road map reveals the details of each excursion. Where are we going? Thai massage, oil massage, facial treatments or foot massage? I choose Nicolie Signature Massage – a combination of Thai and oil massage which according to the guide will ‘improve and stimulate blood circulation as well as relieve muscle tension’. Not bad for a 90 minutes tour.

The tour
Bangkok disappears as she initiates the excursion with the stroke of her hand. A beautiful landscape reveals it self as my eyes close not to be opened for the next hour and a half. Noise and sirens are nothing but a faint memory and I wouldn’t be able to distinct the hum of a motor if I tried. I’m not sure where I’m going, but it’s a part of the experience.

The end
   “Did you enjoy the ride?” Anders asks as I am taken back to the noisy reality of Bangkok. He knows my answer even though I am speechless. Nicolie will not offer you a happy ending, but join the ride and you are guaranteed one anyway.

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