Mogens Rasmussen has passed away

The Danish TV Producer Mogens Rasmussen passed away Friday 6. April after a long period of sickness. He was only 53 years old.
Mogens Rasmussen had a long career as journalist in Denmark behind him. Those who didn’t know him personally will first of all remember him for the TV- programmes called “forsvundne danskere” or “disappeared Danes”. This series made Mogens Rasmussen a public person in Denmark.
Mogens Rasmussen has via his job as a journalist been able to travel the world to an extent most would only dream of. Partly with his wife and grown up children who was at his side when he passed away in Denmark.
Mogens Rasmussen moved his TV production company MR-Production  to Thailand in 2005 to pursue his career here.
Last autumn he had to go back to Denmark for cancer treatment. He was recently declared free of it and was recovering, but when the cancer suddenly came back the fight had been too long already.
Mogens Rasmussen had a brief career in Thailand but his friends and colleagues here will not forget him. Mogens Rasmussen was a very colorful person and always in good mood and spirit. With his catching energy  it was difficult not to be inspired in his company. He had a fantastic appetite for life and lived it to the fullest. His passing away is a great loss.  

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