Dining with HC Andersen in Manila

Behind this initiative is a Danish lady, Pernille Harboe, who has lived in Manila sine the 70s. Every day until May 10th, she is cooking and serving Danish lunch and dinner in surroundings decorated by Danish flags, white swans and flowers that remind you of a Danish meadow.
“I did the same thing two years ago when we celebrated the 200 aniversary of HC Andersen. Then it was at the Hyatt in Manila”, Pernille Harboe explains. She personally cooks meat balls, apple pie, herings, red cabbage and so on every day.
“The hotel management is very happy with the initiative”, she says. “The fairy tale theme attracts a lot of tourists as well as Filipinos and they tend to stay a little longer, because we have decorated it so nicely”, she says.
Every evening, a live HC Andersen figure appears in the restaurant and tells  some of the fairytales of the famous author. The event takes place every day until May 10th. And according to Pernille, the hotel is considering a rerun later this year.
“They have told me that they would like me to do a Danish Christmas at the hotel with cookies, christmas cake, glogg and all”, she says.

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