Carlsberg Stands Firm

Having been operating in Malaysia for over 35 years, Carlsberg Brewery Malaysia Bhd has reaffirmed its commitment to doing business in Malaysia by boosting its export sales despite a fall in net profit from RM95.4 million in 2002 to RM85.9 million in 2006 due to heavy tax increases and strong competition from wine and cheaper beer.
“We would never choose to exit the industry. But depending on the development, there could be implications for employment or how much we can give back in tax money and to charity. So there could be some effects if the tax increases continue,” said Soren Holm Jensen, Carlsberg’s newly appointed managing director.
To stay competitive, the company plans to introduce premium quality beers to the upper market, explores opportunities in the wine and spirits market and introducing non-alcoholic beer which has been a success in the Middle East.

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