Norway Contributes $25mil for Pilot Project Including Vietnam

Norway has always been a strong supporter of the United Nations and believes that reforms are important in order to strengthen the organisation. Norway‘s Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg was also appointed by Kofi Annan as one of the co-chairs of the High-level Panel that proposed the ongoing reforms, including reforms at country level “One UN at Country level”.

Vietnam as a pilot country for UN-Reform will receive its fair share of this contribution. This will help the UN implement important programmes together with the Vietnamese Government, like public administration reform and legal reform.

 “By enhancing coherence, co-ordination and programmatic synergies we believe the UN will better assist Vietnam in important development and reform issues. The extra allocation may also be used to implement the UN-reform process itself,” Norway ambassador to Vietnam, Kjell Storlokken says to Vietnam news on Norway‘s National day

 “My country strongly wants these reforms to succeed and has therefore made this additional contribution.”


Trade Between Vietnam and Norway


There is an increasing interest among Norwegian companies for engagement in Vietnam.

“Over the last year we have seen some new companies establishing themselves here, especially in the maritime sector, petroleum sector and in the fisheries sector,” says Kjell Storlokken.

 Norwegian shipowners have placed big orders for building of ships at Vietnamese shipyards, and there are also investments being made in new shipyards. The trend has been positive over the last year.

 “This year we are also launching a match-making programme with an aim to identify and bring together companies in Vietnam and Norway that have an interest in developing commercial partnerships.”


Norwegian Ambassador to Vietnam


The Norway Ambassodor to Vietnam said to Vietnam news that he has had a very interesting and satisfying year in Vietnam and the diplomatic relations between the two countries are excellent. Both on the political front and in development co-operation have an active engagement in many areas and in the cultural and commercial areas there are new partnerships being formed.

 “I see this as demonstrating clear interests in both our countries to broaden and deepen our relationship. I have served in five other countries before Vietnam and I and my family have enjoyed our stays in all of them,” says the ambassodor

 “To work in the Foreign Service gives this opportunity to learn about different cultures and ways of life and we have found this most rewarding,”

 “This is my first posting in an Asian country and I am happy to have this privilege to serve as Norwegian ambassador to Vietnam. This country has such a rich and diverse culture, friendly people and wonderful countryside, so there is a lot for us to experience and enjoy.” ends Kjell Storlokken Norway ambassador to Vietnam.


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