71 Year Old Dane Murdered in Chiangmai

A 71 year old Danish resident of Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand, Paul During, was on Friday 25 May 2007 found murdered in his home. The Dane was found by the neighbours who earlier in the day had heard him fight with a woman, possibly a former girlfriend who had apparantly come back to ask for a car, he had bought in her name.
The body of the Dane was found in his one story house in Tatan south of the city centre near the Ping River which he had rented for the past three years. He was found naked near the door to the terrace with a broken nose and the back of his neck was swollen. There was sign of blood in the house an there was blood and hair on a walking stick, which the police has taken as evidence. Police Officer Tennik Jansee from ChangPeuk police station in Chaingmai investigated the murdered said that there was also a hole on the door of a dane’s bedroom and the keyhole was damaged.
The Nissan pick-up truck was found parked in the garage unlock, the cabinet in the front of the car was open. The police checked the license and the car belongs to Anong Chaiyawut, 52 years from Chiangmai.
According to neighbors the Dane has been living in this house for about three years with Anong and bought her the car. Later, Anong broke up with him and move in with another foreigner. After that, the Dane brought a woman named .June to live in the house with him. Before the incident, June had gone back to visit her birthplace and it was during her absence, that Anong came by and asked for the keys to the car. But the Dane refused to give it to her and they could hear they had a fight about this before there was suddenly silence.
The neighbor found it strange and went in to see and found the Dane lying naked on the floor, dead.
The police suspects that the Dane was murdered by the girl with whom he was fighting. Then he was hit by the stick and he fell on the ground, hit the floor with head which caused his dead. The woman then tried to find the car’s key but couldn’t find it so she ran away.
The investigation team has collected all the finger print as evidence and the forensic confirms that the Dane did not die by natural cause. But the body needs to be examined in more details to determine if he was murdered or died by hitting the floor
The police was able to bring in Anong for questioning. She denies any involvcement in the death of her ex-husband. She was later released while the police awaits the forensic report in order to be able to to make an arrest based on solid evidence.

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