Saab’s New Print Campaign in Singapore

“For over 60 years, Saab has had a rich history of innovation and technological breakthroughs. That’s how they’ve created such successful cars today,” says Ong Lay Ling, Managing Director of Trans Eurokars.
“The brand campaign explores Saab’s glorious past, highlighting amazing facts about the car’s design and how they are fastidiously made.”
Interesting nuggets include the fact that only two of the 16 aeronautical engineers who built the first Saab had driver’s licenses. Or that Saab locks its engineers in the boot of the car to determine noise levels in the cabin. What about this: Did you know the air in a Saab turbo spins at 900mph – three times faster than in a hurricane-force tornado?
“Great facts make great ads,” says Subba Raju, CEO of Grey Group.
“Saab has countless innovations, each of them translating into an ad almost by itself. The net takeout of the advertising is that Saabs are remarkable cars, built by smart people and driven by those who appreciate the fact.”
The year-long campaign of over a dozen ads begins this month in the Straits Times, Business Times, The Edge and other premium lifestyle publications.

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