Singapore Court Fines a Finn for Cutting Cheating Wife’s Hair

On 29 May 2007 a Singapore court ordered a 36 years old Finnish man, Antti Kristian Waroma to pay 331 dollars in compensation to his wife for cutting off her hair in revenge for cheating on him.
A Finn was also fined 1,324 dollars for assaulting (slapping and kicking) his Singaporean wife, Madam Fong Chee Kim, after he found out she had gone out with her lover, the report said.
A district court heard that Waroma, a Finnish IT director, had cut short an overseas business trip on Nov 24 last year to return home, only to find out Madam Fong was out with another man.
She had gone out with her lover instead of her friend’s sister as she had told him, the court heard. When she returned at about 11pm, he pushed her onto the couch and hit her.
Waroma also knew that Madam Fong, 32, a trichologist, was very proud of her hair.
His lawyer Wendell Wong said his client wanted to ‘hurt her emotionally as much as she had hurt him emotionally’, and took a pair of scissors to snip off her hair. She also received a cut on her finger during the struggle.
In mitigation, Mr Wong said Waroma was ‘severely provoked’ and reacted only when she showed no remorse for what she had done.
Describing his client as a ‘loving husband who was trying to save his marriage’, Mr Wong told the court Waroma had also splurged on gifts for her and arranged for overseas trips with her in a bid to salvage their relationship.
Waroma could have been jailed up to a year.


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