Low Turnout for Breakfast Meeting on Taiwan

Tuesday morning at 7.30 the members of the Scandinavian chambers of commerce were invited to a breakfast meeting on Taiwan and its role in China and Asia. The meeting took place at The Sheraton Sukhumvit and included the usual splendid breakfast.
The meeting was opened by executive director, John Svengren, who reminisced about the days when more than 80 people turned up for the breakfast meetings. This meeting attracted no more than 20 even though the speaker, Henrik Byström, from the Swedish Trade Council in Taipei had flown in from Stockholm on his way to Taiwan.
Henrik Byström made a speech about the current situation of Taiwan. Not only is it the place in the world that produces 90 per cent of all the notebooks in the world. It is also a trendsetter for the Chinese market with regards to drinking habits, pop stars and karaoke. Yet there are still no direct flights from China to Taiwan.
  Henrik Byström was certain that the ties between China and Taiwan are loosening up and this will mean further growth for the Taiwanese economy.

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