Better Communication at Danish Embassy in Vietnam

The seminar on 29 May 2007 started with a communication session. It focused on practical tools for improving writing skill, as well as gave the participants more knowledge about how to use external communication. This is of high relevance to the staff’s daily work, which includes communicating stories about Danida development assistance in Vietnam to the wider public.
“It was an extremely useful seminar. It provided insights to both written and visual communication which will be valuable for the section’s future work” says Development Counselor Henrik Vistisen.
Later professional painter Jim Goodall led the Embassy’s employees through an exciting painting session. All participants learned to communicate their ideas and views visually. Although it is not practiced much at the Embassy, it gave a lot of inspirations on how to communicate in different ways.
“I have never tried this kind of team building activities before. It was very interesting and I have learned some useful skills for my daily work” says archive assistance Nguyen Thi Nhung.
The Embassy seminar’s activities did not only improve the employees’ communication skills but it also brought everybody together and developed a better understanding of each other. This kind of understanding is very important for internal communication in such a multi-cultural working environment as an embassy.

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