Low Energy Housing Soon Available on the Thai Market with Danish Help

TG Building System has launched a two-years project to develop advanced low-energy housing in close collaboration with EnergiMidt and Esbensen in Denmark. Energy savings of more than 30% and advanced use of prefabricated units are important aspects. The work is supported by the Danish International Development Assistance DANIDA, acting through TMB Bank Plc. in Thailand.
A large unexploited potential for energy savings exist in the Thai building sector and in order to exploit it, many aspects on solar energy, electricity saving and improved constructions need to be combined into a fully integrated design.
This is exactly what TG Building Systems and the Danish companies EnergiMidt and Esbensen have set out to exploit the two year project.
Detailed measurements, advanced computer simulations, new building materials and innovative energy renewable energy systems combined with many years of experience in the Thai market provide the basis for new design concepts for highly energy efficient housing with superior indoor climate conditions. Key design features include passive cooling techniques, insulation and use of solar energy.
“Our target is to demonstrate annual savings on energy consumption of more than 30%. The first results are very promising that we will be able to demonstrate this in full scale very soon”, says the project manager Mr. Kenn Frederiksen, EnergiMidt (DK).
Collaboration between the partners is based on an integrated energy design approach, where all the features from the building shell itself are combined with innovative energy systems and efficient building services and controls. Hereby high performance and low cost can be combined to achieve a highly competitive product on the housing market in Thailand.
“We want to a be a major contributor pioneering innovative renewable energy systems and energy savings in the residential sector, which is responsible for about one third of total energy consumption in Thailand. We expect to be able to setting new standards in Thailand”, concludes Mr. Piriyathep Kanchanadul, Managing Director of TG Building Systems Company Ltd.

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