Healthy Working Environment in Danish-Vietnamese IT Company

The working culture is taken very seriously in eSoft – Vietnam Graphics. So is the employee involvement, and therefore the partnership has with success established a company cooperation council (CCC), and a detailed charter has been adopted defining the responsibilities of the CCC. A sub committee under the CCC takes care of social activities, and these social activities contribute to improve staff satisfaction whether they are staff’s birthday, wedding, Vietnamese or Danish holidays.
Aside from basic salary, all employees have their own performance measurement system. Specific measurements cover both hard and soft qualities. Hard measurements relate to actual production while soft measurements represent skills such as teamwork, communication, committing to company values. A special educational bonus for staff performing extraordinarily well can be used for further individual training/education.
“The most impressive thing is the company’s education policy. I have worked for several companies, but this is the first time I have the chance to get further education. The company not only pays attention to our careers, but also to our future. This encourages staff to do their best”, says Le Thanh Tung, IT staff.
Performance reviews take place every month, which allows both management and staff to have a more direct and personal relationship. The staff highly appreciates this, and from the management’s point of view the system is a critical element in motivating staff to try harder and develop in areas they would otherwise not have prioritized.
The young partnership started in the autumn of 2006, but has already established a well-functioning and international working environment. Many of the project’s improvements have been made possible with support from the B2B programme.

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