Swenco Groner Supported Vietnam’s Commitment to Protect Water Resources

Sweden’s international consultant organisation, Swenco Groner, said that the building of Vietnam’s hydroelectric power plants has not polluted the downstream of Se San River on Cambodia, as supported by field research and document references shown at a seminar held in Cambodia on July 5, 2007.
Nguyen Hong Toan, General Secretary of the Vietnam National Mekong Committee (VNMC), said that Vietnam is committed to protect the environment and water resources within the framework of bilateral cooperation programmes between Vietnam and Cambodia.
The VNMC leader said that the plants have contributed to socio-economic development of local people living along the common border and the Cambodia-Laos-Vietnam Economic Development Triangle and that Vietnam will work with Cambodia in order to minimise the negative impacts of the exploitation of water resources in the Mekong River.
Cambodian Minister of the Environment Mok Mareth said that the event was aimed at implementing bilateral cooperation between Mekong River committees of the two countries and betwen Vietnam’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and Cambodia’s Ministry of the Environment.

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