International Conference on Poverty Reduction and Forests Tenure, Market and Policy Reforms

International conference on poverty reduction and forests tenure, market and policy reforms will be held in Bangkok, Thailand from 3-7 September, 2007 which is organized by the Regional Community Forestry Training Center for Asia and the Pacific (RECOFTC) and the Rights and Resources Initiative (RRI).

It is well established now that areas with high rates of poverty and forest areas often coincide. There is much interest in exploring ways of using forest resources in ways that benefit the poor, while sustaining the resource base. There is increasing evidence though that the potential of forests to contribute to poverty reduction is only being partially realized. There is also growing recognition that this will continue to be the case unless critical issues are addressed such as the need for greater tenure security, market reform and other supportive changes in policy to improve access to resources and markets by the poor.
This conference aims to support discussion and exchange on the critical factors surrounding forests and poverty and current efforts to reduce poverty through forest management and use. It will strengthen existing, and help build new, strategic networks of key shareholders to advance tenure, market and policy reforms in support of poverty reduction.
Based on the evidence and experiences shared at the conference, participants will be invited to craft a common agenda of priorities to strengthen reforms for poverty reduction and forests in Asia. Arrangements at the national and regional level to support the implementation of the agenda will also be considered.

More Information
For more information about how to register for the conference and other conference details see the conference website or contact [email protected].

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