Danish Jewellery Company Works Towards Better Enviroment and Safety Conditions

With over DKK 4 million supported by Danida, a B2B project in the Tay Ho District in Hanoi owned by the Danish company Julie Sandlau and their Vietnamese joint venture partner Huy Thanh has spent more than quarter of a million DKK to improve the environmental conditions and the safety of the Vietnamese workers since 2006.
“Since March this year we have hired 45 new workers, and 15 of them are women,” said Søren Roed, the Danish General Director of the project in Hanoi.
One of the joint venture’s efforts to improve the safety of the workers is to make an emergency room. In addition to the creation of this room, a nurse has been hired to check the health of the employees and to assist in case of accidents. Motorbike helmets have also been ordered for both the men and the women working in the company, and these should be ready for use in September.
Some of the recent environmental investments in the project are supported with DKK 255,000 by the B2B programme. This support has led to the establishment of a classroom and also to a canteen, located outside on the roof with one of the greatest views in Hanoi. The support has also helped to create a ventilation system, dust safe polishing machines for goldsmiths, establishment of a chemical room, working stations, and a plating room with chemical separation.
All these improvements imply that the project can focus even harder on making the business a success and hiring more people, while room has been created for both social activities, and safe and responsible working spots.

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