Swedes in Thailand Asked to Report Paedophiles

Swedish anti-paedophile police trying to stop child sex tourism have opened an email address for tourists in Thailand to report child sex abuse. The email address, [email protected] , has been set up by the Swedish police office at the Swedish Embassy in Bangkok
The Police hope that Swedish tourists will use it to report when they suspect children are being abused. The address is given on the embassy homepage, and police say they accept anonymous tips.
Ecpat, an international charity working to combat child sex abuse, said it thought the email address was a good initiative to address the use of children as sex slaves.
“But there is also a need for police resources to deal with the problem at home,” said Helena Karlén, secretary general of Ecpat’s Swedish branch.
Swedish law permits the prosecution of Swedes who abuse children abroad, but so far only two people have been convicted under the law.

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