Danish Agricultural Programme Achieved Good Results

Impact and lessons learned from the Danish supported Agricultural Sector Programme shows overall good results for thousands of Vietnamese farmers and stress the importance of Vietnamese ownership and institutional capacity development.
“Today, we can say we have achieved very good results on our programme”, Vice Minister Mr. Bui Ba Bong of the Ministry for Agriculture and Rural Development said at the Steering Committee meeting.
During its seven years of implementation, the programme has supported agricultural Credit, Post harvest handling; Innovative livestock models and knowledge among small scale farmers; Improved seed production, Integrated pest management and Capacity building of Vietnam Farmers’ Union.
The programme has trained more than 600.000 farmers including women (39%) and ethnic minorities (11%). As a result, the income of the farmers trained in integrated pest management has increased with an average of 100$ per year.
The environment is kept cleaner due to reduced use of pesticides (37%), insecticides and fertilizers which benefits both farmers’ and consumers’ health. In addition, HIV/AIDS prevention has been incorporated into the farmer field schools, improving the knowledge of 44.200 households.
Proposals for new strategies for Extension Services and Post Harvest have been supported as well as the “Green Book”, a national plan for Avian Influenza control, preparedness and response.
Many lessons learned were drawn up at the meeting, of which the importance of Vietnamese ownership and institutional capacity development was stressed. This will be given a much stronger position in the new Danish supported Agricultural and Rural Development Programme that is to start later this year.

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