Indonesian Projects Replicate 1901 Norwegian Lifeboat

Indonesian boat reconstruction projects in Probolinggo, which are under development and replica of a 1901 Norwegian lifeboat are a 12-meter twin-screw sport fishing which is also known as service vessel, and a pilot cutter.
 Dr Rosyid, head of the Center of Marine Studies at Surabaya’s Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) and chairman off the East Java Educational Council, with architect Michael Johnson as technical advisor, has formed a company called PT Teknologi Kapal Kayu Indonesia ( Indonesian wooden boat technology). They have established a yard at Probolinggo which is just 500 metres away from the harbor.
 “I want to set up a world-class boat building facility in Probolinggo,” said Rosyid. “There’s a niche market here where buyers of custom-made vessels and other pleasure craft are particular about quality and originality.” It’s similar to the market for hand-built sports cars.

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