The Royal Family Visit to Sweden

HRH Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn of Thailand was on His visit to Sweden in July 2007, accompanied by his wife, HRH Princess Srirasmi, and their son, HRH Prince Dipangkorn Rasmijoti.The Thai daily newspaper Thai Rath carried on 6 August, 2007 a major article about the visit.
Her Royal Highness spent most of her time studying Scandinavian’s mothers’ and small children’s development in Stockholm for further improvement of her project based on family’s connection of love “Klongkarn Saiyai Rak Hang Krobkrua”. Besides visiting mothers and children’s activities at Uppsala hospital in Sweden, Her Royal Highness Princess Srirasmi, also visit both the public and private homes for elderly people.  Her Royal Highness said that after paying her full attention to mothers and children development this year, she would also concentrate on the elderly as they are in Thai culture held in high esteem.
Her Royal Highness Princess Srirasmi said she would not want to open homes for elderly people, instead she would like to open it as “SoonAanekprasong” or Multi-Purposes Centre locates close to Dipankorn Rasmijoti Mother and Children Development Centre, providing on day-care service, come in the morning and leave in the evening, focusing more on activities between old people and children.
In this way, Her Royal Highness Princess Srirasmi believes that it would enhance stronger connection between them as children would be regarded as the candle lamps for the old people to give them support and encouragement. At the same time, old people would be able to use their experiences to teach and pass on the beauty of traditional knowledge for the young children to absorb. Inside the multi-activities centre would comprises of Santanakan room, Library room, Exercising room for instance.
At the same time, during the a visit to Sweden, HRH Prince Dipangkorn Rasmijoti joined pre-school with other children aged between 2 to 5 years for a couple of months. HRH Prince could adapt very quickly to the new environment and was very happy with the pre-school in Sweden.
As HRH Prince Dipangkorn was able to communicate with Swedish children using some basic Swedish words, he learned many new words in English language as well. Most impressively, HRH Prince learned how to help himself as it was observed that today; he can dress up, wash hands, and eat by himself without the help from his maid.

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