New trainees at the Embassy of Denmark

Three Danish students have commenced their internship period at The Embassy of Denmark Bangkok. Until the end of January 2008 Huseyin Taus Solakoglu (30) and Maria Bruun Andersen (24) will be working in the commercial section while Frej Skovhus (25) is assisting in the political and economical section, which also includes Danida cases.
    “Asia is an exiting part of the world, and what international business concerns a lot of things are happening here right now”, Maria says. As well as Taus and Frej, Maria had been to Thailand before and had an idea about what to expect from a buzzing and humid metropolis as Bangkok. She has just graduated with a Bachelor in communication and economics from Copenhagen Business School (CBS). Since her previous work experiences were all in private companies she finds the internship at the embassy a great opportunity to experience working in a public institution. She hopes to improve her English during her stay as well as obtaining a feeling of how it is to work abroad.
    This is also one of the reasons why Taus has chosen to come to Bangkok. He is currently in his last year of a master degree in International Management and Marketing at CBS he hopes to be able to work outside Denmark in the future.
“I see this trainee period as a good opportunity to experience working abroad and to get to know people in my field of profession and broaden my network.
Although Frej had been to Thailand before, the interest for Thai politics started in Singapore where he was an exchange student for a year.
“We had some subjects about Thai politics and I thought it was very interesting. That is one of the reasons why I chose to come here”.
Frej is studying political science at the University of Aarhus and he is considering writing about Thai politics for his master’s thesis next year.
    Apart from the Embassy and Bangkok the three trainees hope to have opportunities to explore other parts of Thailand during their say and maybe even Cambodia and Malaysia.

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