Vietnamese And Swedish Cultural Cooperation

The Ministry of Culture and Information of Vietnam has the great pleasure to invite Mr. Bengt Goransson, former Minister of Education and Cultural Affairs of Sweden to come to Vietnam during a week from 15-21 December 2007 as for a purpose of exchanging experiences on cultural policy development and cultural management.
This is an opportunity for both parties to consult with high ranking policy makers and managers on some of the issues. The issues include models and visions of cultural policies in the world, of EU and of Sweden in particular, the history of studying and formulating cultural policies, the evaluation of the current situation of culture as a basis for the making of cultural policy, cultural evaluating indicators and, management experiences of Sweden in specific areas in the field of culture.
Sweden has been supporting Vietnam to conduct the review of its cultural development situation with an aim to completing the national cultural policies since the year 2000.

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