Danish Culture Promotion Project in Vietnam

Ten picture books written by Danish authors, edited and illustrated by Vietnamese ones, and reviewed by young readers have been recently published as part of the Danish Culture Promotion project in Vietnam. 
The purpose of the project is to, among other things, strengthen and improve the capacities of Vietnamese picture book writers and illustrators, map out a new direction for the use of children’s books at schools and in families, and sharpen young readers’ critical thinking skills. 
The 10 picture books, each of which has been printed in 3,000 copies, were created during a workshop between Danish writers and illustrators and their Vietnamese counterparts.  The writers and illustrators sat in pairs and created their stories right at the workshop.  
The drafts were then introduced at reading clubs and schools.  The authors also collected feedback from young readers of different ages and incorporated their opinions into the final versions.  The 30,000 copies are now available at reading clubs, schools as well as bookstores nationwide. 

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