Norway’s Board of ODM Establish A Facility in Vietnam

The board of ODIM in Norway has resolved to establish a facility in Vung Tau, Vietnam for assembly and testing of automated handling solutions, as a follow up of the detailed analyses of the group’s capacity requirements. The investment is estimated to be about NKr 85 million.
The investment decision is in line with ODIM’s existing strategy of technological leadership with automated handling solutions in those parts of the value chain which contribute most to value creation in the group. At the same time, this decision represents a good, long-term and flexible solution to ODIM’s capacity challenges, on competitive terms.
“An assembly and testing facility in Vung Tau, Vietnam will supplement the group’s existing plants and outsourcing network. It will allow ODIM to get seriously to grips with its next growth phase from 2009,” said the company in a statement.
Vung Tau is the twelfth largest city in Vietnam, and the country’s centre for offshore oil and gas activity.

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