Dane Brings Argentinean Beef to Thailand

In several restaurants and hotels in Bangkok customers are now able to enjoy a good Argentinean Black Angus Beef. This is thanks to the Dane Mads Løvig who is the Managing Director of Scan Food. Scand Food has since April this year imported Black Angus beef from Argentina to Thailand.

Although the meat travels half way around the world in Maersk Sealand’s refrigerated vessels for four month it is all worth it.
“We know the Black Angus beef from Argentina is the best meat from Latin America”, says Mads Løvig. He was educated a butcher 25 years ago and has for the past 20 years been purchasing sales and distribution of beef and other meat and food to major hotels and first class restaurants in Scandinavia.

The long time of transport is not a problem for the Black Angus beef. On the contrary meat is slowly becoming more and more ripe during the sailing trip. “After four month the beef has become deliciously tender”, Mads Løvig explains. “I know from experience that this is the best way to treat meat”.

And the customers are clearly satisfied. “So far we have been in touch with more than a hundred restaurants and other buyers”, says Mads Løvig.
Mads Løvig is hoping to expand his business into other areas of Thailand. “I have been to Pattaya, Hua Hin and Phuket, and I am planning to export to these areas as well”, Mads finishes.

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